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Passepartout notizie
ASTI (Italy) -- May 10 – 15, 2005:
Passepartout: Extraordinary Travels into the Written Word (Passepartout: Viaggi Straordinari nelle parole scritte ), a Festival of literature organised by the Town Library.

The name “Passe partout” is clearly taken from J. Verne’s novel Around the World in 80 days and the Festival symbol, appropriately, is a hot air balloon. Strictly speaking, this mean of transport is never mentioned in Verne’s masterpiece. However, since in the early, celebrated film version of the book Mr. Fogg, the hero, covers part of his travels transported in a balloon, he is commonly associated with the spacecraft. And so it is that a hot air balloon – suggesting coloured lightness, swiftness, a discreet and lofty view - has become the Festival symbol.
“Travels into the written word” – but also into the spoken, drawn, imagined words – as the present day parable of communication/communications, whether they be linked to the arts or the market, as the expression of individual needs or the reflection of a cultural industry.
The navigator on these immaterial courses will be the resourceful Mr. Fogg himself. Day after day, he will plot the position, he will caution against all sorts of traps and he will show possible places of landing to anyone willing to follow him.
It is interesting to remember that the other meanings of the word ‘passepartout’ (master key; frame) agree very well with the Festival purpose: to be a meeting point for different languages.

Passepartout is to date the only literary festival in Italy which is entirely planned, produced and run by a public library.

All the events will take place in a spacious Renaissance building, the Michelerio, ideally suited to a festival alternating talks and debates with concerts and shows.
This year the Festival will host two exhibitions. The first one, a centenary celebration of the death of J. Verne (1828 – 1905), consists of rare Verne memorabilia presented by Piero Gondolo della Riva, well known collectionist and vice-president of the Société Jules Verne in Paris and of the Centre International Jules Verne in Amiens. Since 1962 Mr. Gondolo has devoted all his time to research on the writer and on his publisher Hetzel. He also writes extensively about them on newspapers and periodicals of many countries.
The second exhibition is about The World of Comics, a favourite theme. The Festival, in fact, has paid constant attention to this mode of expression, among others.
Last but not least, the Festival welcomes a Foreign Guest. This year, many events will focus on Portugal and the literature of Portuguese speaking countries.

  • May 10 : a spectacular theatre show will open the Festival;
  • May 11 - 14 :
  • in the mornings, creative writing project with high-school students. In fact, these will be the final sessions of a year long project;
  • 17 h : Passepartout junior; activities for primary school children;
  • 18h, 21h : during these two sessions, writers, journalists from the press, radio and television, film directors,cartoonists, comic stripes
    writers will meet the public, talk about their work, answer questions;
  • 22h 30 : concerts, shows.

It is a Festival tradition to entertain guests and the audience with tea and biscuits: five o’clock tea with Mr. Fogg, of course.

About Asti. A pretty town, proud of its Roman origins and fine medieval buildings, it is situaded on the banks of the River Tanaro, 40 minutes away from Turin Airport. It is a reputed centre for Wine and Food tourism.

Press Office:

Address : Biblioteca Astense, Corso V. Alfieri 375, 14100 Asti, Italy.

Biblioteca Astense - corso Alfieri 375, 14100 Asti
tel +39.0141.531117-593002 fax +39.0141.531117

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